Hook-i PAWRS

The Hook-i PAWRS is a combined winch and front restraint system to assist in the loading of a wheelchair and passenger into a rear ramp entry Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.  It has been successfully dynamically tested with heavy wheelchairs up to 190kg.  The PAWRS is a 12V dc powered device that has been endurance cycle tested by drawing a 250kg loaded surrogate wheelchair up a 15° ramp.  On lesser inclines it is capable of pulling greater loads.

As well as being able to handle higher wheelchair weights than most, if not all, 'traditional' winching and restraint methods, the PAWRS offers greatly improved convenience.  No longer is it necessary to squeeze between the fixed seats and the wheelchair to disconnect an electric winch and make up the front restraints. Traditionally, this operation can be quite undignified for the wheelchair user.  Similarly the whole loading sequence is much faster and improved so one is effectively buying convenience as well as safety.

Other key features include:

  • ISO 10542 tested
  • 3 metres+ of heavy duty webbing
  • Synchronised reel function
  • Automatic cut-out (5 minutes if left switched on)
  • Battery Consumption – 15 amps (peak)
  • Mechanical ‘emergency’ release
  • Machined solid aluminium swivel arms allow flexibility in approach angle (PAWRS 2 only)
  • EMC tested components