Hook-i TECH - over 25 Years of Experience!

Hook-i TECH is a division of Brotherwood, a UK company with over 25 years of experience of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. This experience has led to a thorough understanding of the needs of this extremely specialised area of the automotive industry. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the recognition of the requirement for a safe, secure and yet quick and efficient wheelchair restraint system.

The Hook-i TECH development team have looked at all aspects associated with the transport of wheelchair passengers in vehicles. This has included the safety legislation currently in place and likely to be introduced in the not too distant future. Overlaying this extremely important need of safety for the wheelchair occupant is the need for quick and easy loading and unloading. Here at Hook-i TECH, we believe we have developed various solutions to achieve this aim.

Hook-i PAWRS

A front restraint and winch combined. Not everyone finds pushing an attendant wheelchair up a ramp and easy operation. Using a separate electric winch can also be difficult, particularly changing between the winch attachment and front wheelchair restraints. Hook-i PAWRS functions as a restraint system with the option of winch assistance via a remote controller for the carer/driver.   [more...]

Hook-i Transferbeam

One solution for several vehicles. Transfer beams have been used for sometime as either an initial solution to improving a wheelchair user's mobility, or for providing an alternative to travelling in a wheelchair for long journeys where transfer is possible. The Hook-i Transferbeam is a 'stable' version that will currently fit the VW Caddy Life, Caddy Maxi and Touran.   [more...]

Hook-i Anchor Points

Safety when travelling. The purpose of the Hook-i anchor points is to provide permanent, simple, easily recognisable anchor points onto which transport providers can attach 4 point restraint systems.    [more...]

Hook-i Ratchin

A front restraint system with at least three metres of webbing. Unlike the traditional method of restraining the front of a wheelchair using separate inertia reels, the Hook-i Ratchin features a synchronised reel function. This greatly assists belt withdrawal and retraction, and minimises the possibility of the belts 'binding'. In addition, spring strength remains constant and does not deteriorate if the belts are left extended.   [more...]

Surrogate Wheelchair SWC030

A wheelchair restraint testing standard. Designed to meet the specification laid down in ISO 10542 Annex E, our surrogate wheelchair has been designed to cater for masses from 85kg to 190kg.This not only covers current requirements, but caters for likely future legislation. Every single element of the surrogate is a different gauge of tube designed and stressed to perform as an element of the whole.   [more...]

Hook-i Casteer

A simple solution to ease unloading.  Do you find your wheelchair's front caster wheels can not turn or get jammed against the floor of your WAV?  Casteer has been developed to stop that from happening!    [more...]